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Every one of us is always looking for something that can treat what seem to be immediate health complications such as pain, soreness, stress and similar conditions.

If by chance until now you are still searching for the perfect treatment for the conditions mentioned above, you can give cannabis or marijuana buds a try. Don’t fret as if you are not aware yet, marijuana is now greatly used in different parts of the globe as treatment. They call this medical marijuana.

Do you know that marijuana buds can be eaten and in fact, this method is more advantageous to some? Here are the reasons:

  • Marijuana is considered by most doctors as effective superfoods. Marijuana is a unique kind of plant that contains 400 chemical compounds. Thus doctors considered this as dietary essential for humans. This contains high concentration of cannabinoid acids that are quite essential for the basic function of our cells.

  • The most significant components of marijuana are the cannabinoid acids and THCa. But, if you will smoke them instead, it means they will be heated thus, of course, they are changed and because of that, the merits you get from them are degraded. They may still be beneficial but since they are now in the psychoactive state, your body can only handle them in small doses.

  • Nevertheless, when eaten raw and as is, your body can handle large doses and will be benefitted with the nutrients that come along with them. Your metabolism will be the one to convert them so that they will become what your body essentially needs.

Check out below some of the most important components of marijuana:

Terpenes – these are essential oils and can offer a lot of medicinal and nutritional benefits as is. However, when partnered with cannabinoids, the benefits you can get increased considerably.

Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids – these are the main reason why our brain is always healthy. However, our body cannot produce these essential acids on its own. Thus we must obtain these from other dietary sources like from the marijuana plants. Note that our brain has 60% fat thus we need the right type of fats to fend against neurogenerative diseases.

Essential Amino Acids

Marijuana also contains essential amino acids. Our body cannot produce this kind of acid as well thus we also need to get this from our diet. For our cells to function properly, amino acids are needed.