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You may have heard about weed smoking increasing your life expectancy. Do you really believe it to be true? Can cannabis consumption make you live longer? Let us delve on it.

Marijuana continues to operate in the rumours and hearsay realms in wide number of ways. It would be specifically true for possible health and medical benefits offered by the plant. However, it should not be surprising in any manner. Marijuana prohibition laws have become so strict that compiling sustained scientific research has become very difficult. The idea behind marijuana extending your life expectancy would be relatively similar to topics that take the form of legend, as easily as it could become a fact.
In case, you wonder whether it has been myth or fact, let us find what several researches across the world have to say about it.

Life expectancy and marijuana

The most common manner for handling the query would be to take it head-on. A study was completed, but not published in the last 90s. It talked about THC given to rats in various doses. The experiment revealed results where rats given THC were having survival benefits over the untreated ones.

It may seem an intriguing conclusion, but several researchers have cautioned against reading or getting too much into it. They were specific about increasing of life expectancy in rats given THC could arise from a wide number of other available aspects. It would not only be caused due to THC.

A good example would be those aspects inclusive of several variables such as appetite, body weight, anxiety or stress levels and more. Nonetheless, one way or the other, you cannot deny the fact that the study involving rats given THC dosage lived longer than those not having THC in them.

Does that mean that Marijuana could help you live longer?

The best part about the study would appear that marijuana tends to provide huge impact on increasing life expectancy through various ancillary benefits it tends to produce. In other words, it would be unclear if marijuana would do anything to your body in order to make your lifespan longer.

However, what has been made relatively clear is marijuana could be useful in several other things for you. It could lead to enhanced overall benefits. It could increase the chance of living a longer and healthier life. It reduces anxiety and stress, which could help you live longer.