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The German Parliament has now finally allowed the consumption of cannabis for medical reasons. This problem has been a major point of serious discussion in the nation for a long time. In a bill, all the members from Germany’s Parliament had unanimously voted on Thursday for legalizing the usage of the medical marijuana. The drug Commissioner of Germany, Mr Marlene Mortler had actually lobbied for this decision to let the patients to purchase cannabis from its local pharmacy with a prescription from the doctor. He stated that it is actually great news for those patients who had to really wait for such a long time.

Doctors had told that use of marijuana could help the cancer patients who feel really nauseous after their chemotherapy session and it also understood that this drug actually helps in fighting the lack of appetite and also the weight loss that some of these tumor patients go through. Cannabis can also alleviate the symptoms of the Multiple Sclerosis. Some of the parties in Germany are from the opposition team like Greens and Left party who had also long fought for the legalization of cannabis. In places like Canada, France and also other US states, buying cannabis with some prescription is now made possible.

When it comes to Germany, the total cost of this dried cannabis (flower buds) as well as the cannabis extracts will be totally covered by the health insurance for those patients who have no more treatment options. Those people who have some serious illness like chronic pain or sclerosis can be given marijuana legally. According to the bill that was passed, people will not be given any permission to grow cannabis at their homes and they will only be given the right for being treated with cannabis in exceptional cases.

Hermann Grohe, the Health Minister stated that those who are badly ill will have to get the right treatment, which includes the health insurance funds covering up the cannabis cost as medicine for people who are ill in case they cannot be properly treated by any other means. The Health Ministry spokeswoman stated that cannabis will be used as the last resort. She stated that the scientific study will be continuously carried out for assessing the impact of the use of cannabis in these cases.