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Do you also want to farm your own weeds? Yes, there are indeed more and more people who want to get a hand of this amazing plant. It is already a common knowledge how this weed can give relief to a number of serious illnesses, cancer included.

But before you start farming cannabis, you might want to learn about the common myths about it. Check this out:

  1. By just looking at the seeds, the gender can be determined

Determining the gender of the strain is really important in cannabis growing. If there is a way to do this the easiest manner like by just looking at the seeds, it would have been quite convenient. The truth is, there is no exact method to know the gender of the seeds. You will only completely determine it when they start in the pre-flowers stage. If you really want to make sure that you end up with female marijuana, you can buy feminized seeds from a reliable seller.

  1. Urinating on the cannabis plants is a good thing

Yes, this might be a bit true but it is simply disgusting. You surely don’t want to do this especially that there are so many ways to satiate the nutrient needs of your plants. Besides, the nitrogen that will be obtained from your urine is likewise available in the market already and too much of this is also not good for your plants.

  1. You can harvest male plants for THC

Just one thing here, unless your bottom line is for the male plants to pollinate the female plants, you should not keep them. Though pollination might be good at some point but generally, it brings about a number of negative things such as seedy buds, yields are lower and there are even times when the potency will be affected.

So if you ask if the myth is true, there is a chance though only in small amounts. The best way to generate THC is to extract trichomes that are developed on the leaves of the cannabis as well as on the sides of the pollen sacs.

Well, there is a reason why they are called myths. It is because of most of the time, they are not true. There might be sometimes that they become true but not always.

If you want to be a pro in farming cannabis, you should do some research.