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It is true that the reputation of marijuana is not a good one for many people, especially among the non-smokers. But, with more and more studies coming up in favor of cannabis, the image of marijuana seems to be on the improving side. If you are one of those people, who are against the use of marijuana then, you definitely need to have a look through these points.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

You will be shocked to know that marijuana has so many benefits to offer.

  • It may come to you as a shock but, smoke marijuana can be actually good for your lungs. It reverses the effect of tobacco and helps improve the functioning of your lungs.

  • Marijuana is also helpful in preventing certain diseases and syndromes such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dravet’s Syndrome.

  • According to research conducted on cannabis, it has been found that cannabis is effective in the prevention of epileptic seizures.

  • Marijuana is also known to have a comforting effect on people who suffer from any bodily discomfort and pain. Therefore, people who have the problem of Arthritis can smoke marijuana to get rid of the inflammation, and the discomfort caused.

  • In case you didn’t know marijuana is almost 86% effective in curing Hepatitis C infections.

  • Studies have shown that cannabis serves as a great sleeping aid for people who suffer from lack of sleep. It is known to improve the sleeping conditions of people who suffer from Insomnia and Parkinson’s disease.

  • Cannabis is also considered to be helpful in treating bowel related diseases.

  • Smokers are known to eat more, especially after smoking up. But, they still manage to have a metabolism rate higher than people who do not take weed. Well, this is the beauty of smoking weed. It keeps your body weight under control no matter how much you eat and thus, helps you to lose body weight.

  • According to a study, marijuana can improve a person’s creativity especially in terms of verbal fluency.

  • We are all aware of the fact that smoking causes cancer, but when it comes to cannabis, you may be surprised to know that it may have some surprising benefits in killing cancer cells. According to a study, marijuana has been proved to shrink cancer cells and hence, it stops cancer from spreading. But, any marijuana based cancer treatment is yet to be invented.

Now, that you know about the positive side of cannabis, share your knowledge with your friends and family and help remove the wrong belief.