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There are several diseases that can be treated with cannabis, this does not mean that the plant will cure any of these diseases, but it is very effective in the treatment. The cures are being studied. Due to the prohibition, there are not many studies still in the world, but the population is pressing the government, and this scenario must change. In some countries, especially Israel, marijuana has been used as a drug for a long time, and much of the research on cannabis has come out of there. The United States is pursuing research as well, due to legalization in full swing in the country.

Cannabis Diseases

Cannabis has had positive results in the treatment of the following diseases: Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, cancer, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, nausea due to chemotherapy, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, epilepsy, insomnia, migraine, arthritis and lack of appetite, anorexia, Tourette’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, muscular dystrophy, fibromyalgia, cachexia and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

If you think that smoked marijuana is not medicine, you are mistaken. In Israel and the US, for example, doctors specializing in cannabis medicine already prescribe marijuana cigarettes for some diseases. Vain users always defend marijuana by saying it does well, but it does harm, burns neurons! Again, this mythological chatter of neurons? Marijuana does not kill neurons; on the contrary, it regenerates brain cells.

Did you know that taking contraception is a poison to the female body? Do you also know that paracetamol kills an average of 150 people a year in the US?

There are no cases of deaths directly linked to the use of marijuana, already linked to alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, sugar is not in the script and, all are drugs, but you can buy in the corner market without a prescription. What exists is a lot of prejudice and lack of information.

What needs to be done is to educate people to make the healthiest possible use, focused on harm reduction, but this will only be possible – on a large scale – after legalization.

Final Words

The prohibitionists try to demonize cannabis, but the truth is coming to light: Cannabis is a plant with very powerful medicinal properties. Most studies and research have shown that in general, marijuana does well. What is bad is prohibition, the drug war, and prejudice.

The ban generates organized crime, from drug-laden helicopters to retailers in tops, generates daily deaths of poor people in the slums, generates deaths of people who need cannabis-derived drugs to treat illness, generates astronomical the fight against trafficking and violations of basic human rights.

It is time to stop the drug war and redirect the resources that are wrongly invested in this policy, to effective policies in the treatment of dependents and education. The tobacco that kills an average of 5 million people a year is released because cannabis that has never killed and is a natural remedy is banned? Is it even that the government intends to take care of the health of the citizen or to profit with the industries?