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Seeing the miraculous benefits of marijuana, it has been made legal in many states, and it can be used for treating various chronic diseases that are resistant to normal medicines. It can be prescribed by any doctor for curing pain related problem as it acts as an excellent pain killer. It can be also helpful for the patients under the medications of chemotherapy as it helps to reduce any sort of nausea. It is an effective way of curing difficult diseases and hence has a positive impact on the society, and it has the power of curing fatal diseases. Though there are several myths about this plant still it has been made legal in 23 states.

How Marijuana helps in medical treatment

  • Pain killer: Marijuana works wonder on pains of back and neck. People suffering from pain related to neck or back can prolong for many days and they have no other options other than in taking of Opioid painkillers which can be quite addictive and this kind of addiction related to painkillers are very much debilitating so it is better to go for Medical Marijuana and it does not create any risk like those of anti-inflammatory drugs. Few moments after taking this medicine you can see the effect.

  • Gastritis: Marijuana has the power of healing gastritis by reducing pain and stimulating appetite, and it can easily relax any muscle especially in the gastrointestinal area. Just by taking marijuana you can easily reduce its symptoms, and it also helps to heal the problem permanently.

  • PMS: Marijuana can reduce the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome. This kind of condition is faced by women where they experience abdominal pain and cramps. In taking marijuana can easily reduce this symptom.

  • AIDS: The medicines that are prescribed for treating AIDS generally make the patient lose their appetite and causes pain and irritability. Taking marijuana a can induce hunger and relief pain. It can also help to reduce depression that patients suffering from AIDS generally face.

These benefits prove that medical marijuana can be used for treating fatal diseases and must be made legal so that it can be used by patients of different places. It has so many benefits that it easily outweighs the risk of taking marijuana. The effectiveness of marijuana depends on the portion of intake so once the dosage is prescribed by any doctor, then there is no need of worrying about taking marijuana.