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Whether you are an avid smoker or just use marijuana for recreational and medical purposes, many people still get confused about THC and CBD. While to some, CBD can be very useful and necessary for their health, others may differ and prefer THC over CBD, as the latter doesn’t make them high. Both are different forms of cannabinoid that are found in the cannabis plant, each serving different purposes. CBD works mostly by binding to the receptors in your body and interacts in a variety of ways in our body.

THC mainly produces psychoactive effects in the body which are commonly mistaken as the “good effect of cannabis”. Unlike THC which can bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of our body, CBD binds with receptors like 5-HT2A causing psychedelic experiences.

Do THC effects get reduced by CBD?

A number of studies and verbal anecdotes from first-hand avid users of cannabis do hint that CBD can effectively reduce the effects of THC consumption in the human body. While THC has been repeatedly known to make you high after consumption, CBD on the other hand keeps that high in check. This phenomenon has been proven time and time again with various people getting overconsumed by THC and then being in control of their high after taking some CBD, whether directly or mixed with drinks and food.

How to know what is good for you?

If you are using cannabis solely for the purpose of recreation and medication, then it is wiser to know the THC-to-CBD ratio of your body. While finding the exact ratio can be difficult, experts consider that it is always wiser to start slow and low to find your THC-to-CBD ratio. While both can make you high and give you the feeling of euphoria, it is better to have a small combination of both, which not only helps you sustain the high for a longer period of time but can also help you in various ways depending on your need.

In conclusion, there will always be a debate on whether CBD reduces the effects of THC or not among various consumers, but in general, it is believed to do so. As cannabinoids, both THC and CBD offer so much to the human body and affect the ‘high’ differently. While one makes you feel like you are at the top of the world, the other one keeps your feet grounded.