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Eugene DePasquale, Auditor General spoke about favoring the legalization of marijuana. While addressing the crowd gathered at state capitol Rotunda, Eugene DePasquale explained the benefits offered by taxing cannabis.
He was of the opinion the Pennsylvania could gather more than half a billion dollars annually in terms of revenue through taxing and regulation of marijuana. He also added that additional money could be used for funding important state initiatives. However, in the month of July, DePasquale released detailed report of 14 pages on taxing and regulating cannabis.

It comprised of national research data breaking down the average revenue raised by the state, by addition of tax.
Eugene DePasquale were of the opinion that Pennsylvania could not afford to lose the opportunity provided by social and economic benefits offered by legalization of marijuana as public support has been growing and several new states enabling possession of marijuana in small amounts for personal usage.

It would not be wrong to suggest that across the US, several additional states have been into serious discussions about cannabis legalization. Eugene DePasquale quoted in his speech about governor of Vermont signing legislation for marijuana legalization along with New Jersey having governor revealing his intentions of pushing for cannabis legalization in his respective state.

Several Americans have been known to favor legalization of cannabis. According to Eugene DePasquale, it would be hurting to see Pennsylvania losing out on revenue system along with the social benefits offered by moving away from the mindset of getting into reefer madness.

It would probably be highly significant issue to be seen where the voters along with the public have been seen to be far ahead of the politicians. DePasquale was of the opinion that Gallup Polling reported around 64% of Americans being in favor of marijuana legalization for their personal usage. He insisted that as and when marijuana legalization happens in Pennsylvania, they should be holding the elected officials responsible for it.

DePasquale were of the opinion that regulation and taxing cannabis would prove helpful in:

• It would gather $200 million in state tax revenue of Pennsylvania, specifically when budget has been strained.
• It would reduce estimated 20,000 cannabis possession arrests every year.
• It would create several decently paid jobs.
• It would help in prevention of people getting addicted to prescription painkillers and opium addition.
• It would reduce loss of income along with other personal, social and emotional effects on arrested people for having small quantity of marijuana in their possession.

DePasquale was of the opinion that several other states have been making the most of marijuana legalization and Pennsylvania should not miss on the opportunity.