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With the legalization of cannabis as a therapeutic drug in various parts of the State, many people have started smoking marijuana. Needless to say that the state of happy affairs needs to be thoroughly monitored and controlled so that one can reap the major benefits out of the activity without causing any kind of trouble. You might get high or you might not, it all depends on your internal reaction to weed. Might as well be prepared for every scenario so that you know what you need to do next.

1) You really don’t get high the first time

It is a common thing that people speak about how they did not get high the first time they enjoyed a doobie. Well, this might not be true in every case but there are pretty high chances that you’d enjoying the calming effects but not enough to call it a high. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it your very first time just to get high. There’ll be many more chances. Get used to it first.

2) Might as well enjoy the brownies

Though it is suggested for the first timers to go for a smoke because it limits the quantity of intake per puff, you might as well indulge yourself with a brownie. And yes, these are bound to get you high. The effect is quite slow as compared to smoking which means that as a first timer one would feel that they haven’t consumed enough which is quite the walk down the slippery slope.

3) A choice between a blunt, joint or a vape

It all depends on how responsible you want to be as a first timer. Vaping is also a safe way of smoking marijuana with no harmful effects on the lungs. You might as well consider it a safer alternative. One needs to keep in mind that haste will definitely not get them high and for sure won’t be giving them the experience they need. So the best way to enjoy it during your first time is to chill with your friends and enjoy a shared blunt among the lot. A safer way to consume less quantity!

There must be no pressure on you to try smoking marijuana and you can take as long as you like till you are comfortable with the idea of enjoying a doobie. Just have a happy experience!