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As Cannabis is getting legalized in more states, people are considering it for their many health conditions. And therefore there is greater need of knowledge around this herb which can be life altering for people.
Cannabis is a herb which contains about 483 cannabinoids. And these cannabinoids have their own properties which yields their effectiveness. Here there have been two distinct cannabinoids – THC and CBD which have captured the interest of medical researchers and scientists. While being same in their molecular formation the effects of these compounds are relatively different! Dive deeper into the world of THC and CBD to find its effects!

How are they different!

Both the compounds have the same chemical structure yet they differ in the way they react in the bodies. This is because of the position of the atom in the composition. While THC has known to be inducing psychoactive effects into the body giving the sensation of euphoria, CBD is majorly a healing compound giving relaxation from pain.

Suitability and product designing

Most of the products that are available in the market for recreational use are made out of the CBD cannabinoid found in cannabis sativa. This is because they are less high inducing and brings in a greater sense of pleasure. While the most natural forms of cannabis used by the people for recreational use are because of the THC content in them. In the medical world the medicines made for the treatment of variety of diseases are made by using the THC content of the cannabis.

Uses for the treatment of the health conditions

Both the compounds are used in the development of medicines. But because of the difference in the effect of the compounds these are used differently in the development of different medicines.THC is primarily used in the development of medicines that treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc because of its psychoactive effects. CBD, on the other hand, is mostly designed for the medicine used for the treatment of seizure and epilepsy.

If you happen to live in a state where marijuana or cannabis has been legalized you shall find products designed around both the compounds for recreational use. As per the health measures you can make use of both to derive the best results of it.

To be safe it is best to keep the use of it for the restorative purposes only. After all a little of it goes a long way into making your life healthy and happy!