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Cannabis has been gaining popularity as a performance-enhancing drug, as a majority of athletes have been opening up about using cannabis in sport.

Not all would be aware of the medical effects of cannabis in sports and exercise. With the attitude towards the drug developing and the legislation changing in several different countries, it has become imperative that more cannabis research has been done to inform the policy in both sports and government.

Several people have been of the belief that ingesting the plant could improve performance. It would help the athletes to focus along with contributing to pain management. Alternatively, most people would claim that consuming marijuana could reduce motivation. It would be inclusive of the motivation for training or pushing oneself. You would be required to reduce the oxygen intake and decrease the reaction time.

However, the pharmacokinetics of the THC compound in specific could cause various kinds of complications when studying the unfavorable analytic findings.

Cannabis has a considerable length of history with sports. It would be pertinent to mention here that across the globe, several top athletes have and would still turn to marijuana in order to help them focus on the moment, relax and aid in the recovery following the sports injuries.

Cannabis in sport

The introduction of Cannabis Act of Canada implies that more research pertaining to marijuana in sport could now be conducted. However, a plethora of papers would discuss the effects of the drug during sports have been published that could give an insight into why athletes have been using marijuana along with the effects the drug has on their performance.

You would need to do adequate research into the effects of the congestion of foodstuffs comprising the cannabinoids traces. It would be inclusive of energy balls or CBD oils. You would also be required to research whether it has any effect on the performance of the athlete as opposed to ingesting THC or smoking marijuana-based products.

Regulation in sports for using marijuana

There have been relaxed government policies pertaining to marijuana. A majority of sports bodies have also been taking a more relaxed and progressive attitude towards athletes making use of the drug in their respective sports. However, numerous cases of marijuana use have still been a result of the suspension. At times, it would be up to two years provided you were found guilty in the system.

Both CBD and THC could be detected in the urine of regular users for anything ranging from four weeks to three months since they last consumed marijuana.