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It’s quite a belief that cannabis can help people suffering from epilepsy. Only that, it’s not a simple belief that pooled out of the dreamy heads of cannabis supporters. Instead, it’s a medically proven marvel where all other treatments were unresponsive in patients.

The first hard evidence emerged when a 7-year-old boy, Alfred Dingley, was put on cannabis oil to stop seizures that had hit him with a dangerous frequency of more than 100 episodes in a month. And, the episodes came under control when the child was put on medicinal cannabis oil.

The second case of one, Billy Caldwell, a 12-year-old boy gave further evidence since the boy made recovery after being put on cannabis oil having struggled with life-threatening seizures.

Eventually, FDA approved the use of medicinal cannabis on patients above the age of 2 years suffering from two serious forms of epilepsy.

1. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
2. Dravet syndrome

That said, experts now do believe that cannabis indeed has a role to play in combating seizures – especially in children.

That established, we’d like to further elaborate how and why marijuana helps in reducing the frequency as well as intensity of seizures.

Why is Cannabis so Effective When Other Forms of Seizure Treatments Fail?

Cannabis is a wonderous plant that is loaded with cannabinoids. Out of them, CBD is known to have maximum health benefits when it comes down to controlling panic attacks, seizures, and depression.

It’s certain properties of CBD – listed below – that helps patients suffering from recurrent seizures.

• Marijuana CBD is an anti-convulsing agent. Thus, it helps in reducing the impact of seizures.
• CBD attaches itself to the brain cells when given in administered doses. As a result, it reduces anxiety and stress that are 2 known causes of seizures.

After such encouraging results, a study published in 2017 gave an elaborated account of what happened when 120 children and adults with dravet syndrome were given purified CBD in controlled dozes. The results were staggering.

• Children that were carefully put on oral CBD experienced seizures as less as 6 on a comparison to 12 that they had in a month before being put on cannabis.
• Out of the many participants with seizures that got under control, 3 of them suffered with no episode at all post treatment.

Overall, there’s abundant scientific data that when put on CBD, the frequency of seizures come down to more than 39%.

So, researches have taken the path to further investigation and the results are indicating that cannabis is indeed a powerful medicine to control and even cure seizure disorder of certain kinds.