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How to dry weed step by step:

Perhaps, you have never stopped thinking about the importance of the last step to perform with crops- the cannabis drying process and subsequent curing. These steps are very important; if not done correctly, all the work done over months to obtain quality buds will go in vain.

Drying cannabis and subsequent curing is as important as any other process of culture; it requires time and correct methodology. After this, you enjoy all the quality of the buds, which you so lovingly cultivated.

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Why Is It Important to Properly Dry the Plants?

If you dry them too rapidly, the buds of cannabis plants remain like straws, brittle, and excessively dry. Al crumble (grinder) will seem to remain as powder itself. If you don’t exploit the full potential of buds, they’ll lose a lot of quality. If you dry with moisture or wrong temperature, you may lose a lot of quality too. There’s also the risk of fungi, which may destroy all the crops. how to dry weed

How to Properly Dry Marijuana?

Actually, the drying process is very simple, but if you know how to do it properly, you can avoid all the above problems. The first thing is to find a suitable place, where you can dry the marihuana production. You must find a dark location away from sunlight (sunlight degrades the THC glands trichomes). how to dry weed

It should be a place where there is high humidity- around 40% or 50% is ideal. There should be no drafts and then accelerate drying excessively. The perfect temperature for good drying should be above 20° Celsius, but it can also be performed at temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius.

Although there is much tradition to manicure the plant, cut the base of the trunk and hang upside down in the place where they will be drying; the fact is that there are equally good alternatives.

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One alternative is to use a mesh for drying, which is sold in Grow Shops. This will allow us to save a lot of space, as we place our harvest vertically. Within these belts, post the manicured buds, ensuring that you are not touching each other to prevent excess moisture points.

Try to remove stale air in order to facilitate fresh air drying. It can be done by hanging the plants upside down using mesh vent for drying once a day, or opening a window to circulate some air or even with the help of a small fan.

It’s important that there’s no sunlight or any artificial light; it’s best to make the process of drying marijuana completely dark to prevent THC degradation.

Usually in about eight or ten days, your buds will be dry. The best way to tell if the buds have dried properly is palpated with our own hands. They should be moist, but “crunch” a little when squeezed or crumbled.

If you have plants hanging upside down, you should note that the stalks creak when bent- a sign that they have dried properly.

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What’s Marijuana Cure?

Marijuana Cure is the name given to the process, which is to save your marijuana crop in a sealed, dark place, so that many cannabinoids begin to interact and be transformed.

Why Is Curing Process Important?

The curing process is vitally important to obtain good quality marijuana. You can smoke freshly dried buds, but if you apply a proper curing process, you can smoke a lot more quality buds. During curing, most cannabinoids are transformed, as it is changed into THC active. Other major cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) interact to intensify.

Some elements such as nitrogen stored in the leaves of buds degrade, making the consumption of these buds much smoother and pleasant (not scrape with smoking; it will be a much smoother smoke).

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How to Make the Process of Curing Properly?

It’s very simple; you just need to have some patience and a place to store the harvest. Once marijuana is dried properly, introduce in glass jars. Close the lid tightly so that air or moisture cannot enter or leave. Get into the boat and set a stable level of moisture, preventing the buds from over-drying.

There are special boats for this purpose that can be bought from Grow Shops, although you can also use classic canning jars. Once they have been cleaned thoroughly, avoid any residues or odors products previously stored there.

Once you’ve gotten the buds in boats, you can place the cans in a cool, dark place, leaving them there for at least three months. It is ideal to leave them for a year for curing a lot of quality, but after three months and you’ll notice the first benefits of a well done cure.

The boats should be forgotten during the curing process, so that a proper curing process can be performed. It is recommended to point the pen outside the boat; mention the date on which curing is started. This way, we will know at all times how long the marijuana has been into curing.

To give you an idea of ​​the importance of drying, the difference between smoking a more dried bud without curing and smoking a well dried and cured bud is like eating raw meat or eating ham of highest quality- the difference is amazing.

If you have any questions regarding drying or curing of marijuana, leave your comments and we will help in solving your problems 🙂


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    Can you use food grade plastics to cure?

    1. Jose Green House    

      Yes, but plastic is plastic… It’s better glass jars / unvarnished wooden boxes.


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