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Storing marijuana is the most essential step in the entire process of consuming it. Old sayings go by “air tight and out of sight”. This is the right method of storing the buds in their pristine and smokeable conditions. Till the time the marijuana pot is kept correctly in a sealed jar and dark space, there will be almost negative chances of the buds getting moldy or dry. But these are hypothetical facts as keeping the buds within their maximum potential and flavor is a much harder thing in real. There might be instances of the buds running dry, getting too old, and sometimes with no fault of yours at all. For such situations, here come our handy tips.

Humidity packs

Every bud of marijuana has a separate storage level and needs to meet certain humidity levels to stay fresh. After the buds have been snipped from the stalk and have undergone the curing procedure, they must ideally be stored at around 55-62% relative humidity. This is a tough check to keep unless you have keenly measured the hydration levels. To avoid the above hassles, it is best advised to throw your buds in a humidity pack while it’s stored in a jar. These humidity packs are now available in multiple forms and here the major three will be discussed.

  • The first type contains a salt solution that helps to add or subtract the moisture level from the surrounding air. This mechanism completely works depending on the temperature. They can easily maintain a relative humidity of 62% or above, which will be mentioned on the pack. There are options you can choose from. The pack is degenerative and once it gets soft, it is time to replace that.

  • Another type of humidifier available is entirely chemical-free. It uses no salt, but biodegradable mixture types. These still produce or absorb the excess moisture to keep the marijuana perfect. This is a more environmentally-friendly option you can go for.

  • The third popular type is the capsules that can be stuck on the inside of the jar’s lid. This serves the same purpose as the former ones but in a trendier way. This helps maintain the humidity level to help the dry bud get rehydrated. This pod is reusable for up to 5 years.

The best marijuana buds to smoke are the ones that are healthy and have the right moisture content in them. Dry buds or molded buds can be avoided with the above tips.