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Indica VS Sativa: Two main types of Cannabis

For those who talk about cannabis, it is simply one plant. But those who study this ancient plant comprehend that it exists in two contentious still distinct forms. It is now widely accepted that marijuana mostly exists in either of the two natural forms: Indica and sativa, and these can be mixed amongst each other to produce the hybrids of desired characteristics.

While these two remain debatable when it comes to finding astute differences for scientists, there are some characteristics which help them differentiate between the two evidently.


This characteristic of a plant is related to its appearance. With morphology of the type it can be easily deciphered if a plant is indica or sativa kind.
SATIVA is the one people usually draw to represent cannabis. The slim and tall one with leaves that are sleek and narrow separated with ample spaces. They can grow outdoors and can become as big as 20 feet.
INDICA on the other hand is a little fat glob kind. It is bushy with tightly packed leaves and densely branched. In comparison they are shorter in height when fully grown.


Sometimes the difference in the hit of marijuana is not due to your neurological reaction, it is because of variation in the breed that you are smoking. So when you are able to find one ‘high’ amazing unlike the other it can be due to switching from Indica to sativa or vice versa.
Sativa gives an energetic and uplifting kick, and results in a cerebral plus hallucinogenic trip. This is best for the day time consumption. Indica on the other hand is completely reverse: Relaxing, calming, buzzing and suitable for tripping or passing out in night.


Geographic origins of the two types are asserted to be a deciding factor on how two distinct breeds came into existence. Common cannabis originated in central Asia and dispersed across all directions as different species: Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis etc.


This botanical domain is more ardently harnessed by the experts of the field who simple put it as difference in the THC:CBD ratio. Higher THC than CBD is usually Indica and higher CBD than THC is sativa, based on the genes that code for THCA OR CBDA synthase which determine high levels of THC and CBD respectively. There is a discrepancy with the genetic theories due to hybridization of plants which can be better understood by an in depth study of individual strains.


The first ever known classification was made by a French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785. As suggested in geographical origin, he observed that the Indian cannabis was intoxicating and could be molded to hashish. This was called Indica. The other one recognized as therapeutic on the western side was sativa commonly called European hemp.