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If you are a fan of cannabis varieties with an unforgettable flavor, Arjan’s Strawberry Haze will certainly manage to take you by a surprise. It has the perfect combination of flavor with mild and pleasant hints of strawberry and a characteristic incensed touch that offers the best Haze. A perfect balance that will linger on your palate for a while, puff after puff!

It is not surprising to find such exquisite taste in a variety of marihuana, knowing that their predecessors are Swiss sativa and NL5 Haze Mist – a cross whose outcome still fascinates you both for its taste and effect.

A Lucid Instant Effect!

Arjan’s Strawberry Haze offers a lucid instant effect; from the first puff, you will notice its pleasurable effects to gradually intensify. The Sativa effects mainly affect the brain, clearing your minds and giving free rein to your imagination and creativity. It is a very sociable, enjoyable, and creative effect. Not a devastating effect, so we will be able to smoke it throughout the day making the most of it.

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Mind the Size during Flowering Cycle

When growing this fantastic range, you must remember that a good sativa triples its size during the flowering cycle. If you cultivate indoors, you must remember not to take this factor surprises; if we cultivate outdoors, we know that it is a high bearing plant. If height is a problem, you can always use cropeado techniques or selective pruning before flowering. It does not require much power, so you should pay it gently when needed without over doing.

Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation

It will feature long buds and fox tails full of trichomes; being a fairly branched variety, it is ideal for farming techniques such as SCROG or LST. Indoor flowering cycle is around ten weeks, while outdoor plants can be harvested about mid-to-late October, talking about crops in the northern hemisphere.

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You can buy feminized Arjan’s Strawberry Haze seeds in packs of 3, 5 or 10. We always recommend buying original and unopened packages, so that the seed quality is guaranteed.

If you have any questions about this variety, send it to us through the comments and we will help you resolve all your issues.