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The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about marijuana is, smoke it up! But, you see that’s not all. There are certain interesting facts about cannabis that I bet even the pot heads doesn’t know.

Brush Your Knowledge

Go through the facts given below and shock yourself!

  • In the year 2008, a British man was sentenced to four years of imprisonment in Dubai after he was exposed to have 0.003 grams of weed rolled in his cigarette stub hidden inside the sole of one of his shoes.

  • In the U.S marijuana has the largest cash drop which is greater than the cash drop of wheat and corn combined together.

  • Weed may be illegal in Australia but there is a town named New South Wales where weed is both grown and sold openly. In fact the entire town revolves around selling marijuana and marijuana tourism.

  • In case you didn’t know possession, consumption and distribution of cannabis in North Korea is completely legal. In fact it is considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

  • The famous Scooby-Doo movie which was released in the year 2002 was originally supposed to be dark and based on marijuana jokes but, the storyline was changed later on.

  • Did you know that the first ever online transaction that took place over the internet was the sale of marijuana?

  • Dr. James C. Munch who was an official expert on cannabis for the U.S government actually testified in the court, that he had smoked weed and it turned him into a bat!

  • The number of marijuana based medical stores is far greater in number than the Starbucks outlets in Colorado.

  • The remaining ashes of Tupac after he was cremated was mixed with weed and smoked by the members of his Hip-Hop group.

  • Bhutan has more marijuana than regular grass covers. But, the interesting part is no one smokes it. In fact, it serves as the number one source of food for the pigs.

  • In the U.S there are four people to whom the federal government delivers weed for free. They can also legally own marijuana if they want to.

  • Cannabis was eradicated from Brooklyn by the Sanitation Department.

  • The seeds of marijuana are a great source of all amino acids.

Who knew that even weed could have such an interesting background, isn’t? Thank me, later!