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Smell and strain, look and high @ 35.6% THC for Nova OG!

Can you imagine boutique marijuana species like designer dresses that gets more exotic and loaded with immense THC content that leaves you very high indeed? Everybody knows the original sativa and indica like Adam and Eve, but lots more are happening all the time. How and why? The answer is simple. Making marijuana legal gave rise to plenty of high adventures. What was once restricted to a select crowd now extends to almost all humanity. The inner circle comprised of people like The Grateful Dead band and some others like them. In those days, everything was hush about the weed.

What happened nowadays? Cannabis is evil no more, but a botanical god that cures umpteen diseases. Gateway to hard drugs it is not. Addictive is not cannabis. Cleared of all charges, cannabis may have its opponents, but is free to roam the streets and dispensaries in some countries while others will eventually follow suit, at least for medical properties. No wonder so much of fancy genetic modification and interbreeding adventures to get at the best of the tempting fruit. Cannabis now flies high indeed, while mega businesses bring in the millions like in America and Canada!
Have you heard of some mighty potent strains like Pink Starburst and Strawberry Bubblegum? Picturesque names do communicate the highs.

In spite of legal legitimacy, it appears that the mighty strains have not really reached everybody yet. Elitism, shall we say? Pete Pietrangeli owns Melrose Avenue dispensary LA Confidential. Justin and Mac are organizing Manali West that deals in boutique strains and concentrates. Their products just might reach a lot a people.


With an intense 32.5% of THC, Pink Starburst crosses two hybrids, DJ Short’s blueberry X Headband (Underdog OG) and AJ Sour Diesel bx3 before being backcrossed on itself. By backcrossing we mean the process of crossing the progeny with an original parental genotype. The product shows properties of both sativa and indica, and grows like an indica with a sativa effect. Vaping it is like taking in perfume, bringing peace and mental sharpness.


The rarity of Purple Sherbet is derived by crossing the original purple urkle and the original sherbet. It looks like crystals of green and purple. An elegant flavor of blackberries or purple sherbet!


LA Confidential developed this amazing stuff. Lemon pine savor combines with a strong and astonishing high.