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If you are new to cultivating auto-flowering marijuana, here’s a quick look into how to grow them.

Indoor Auto-Flowering Marijuana Cultivation

Auto-flowering marijuana plants are those that do not need a specific light cycle to start blooming. This implies they can grow automatically and flourish well irrespective of the number of hours of light they receive.

This has pros and cons at the same time. The upside is that it is very easy for new cultivators or for those growers who do not have enough time to spend to control the light cycle of the plants. On the flipside, if it’s not done right, the results may not be in favour of the cultivator. Cultivating auto-flowering marijuana needs implementation of different culture methodology when compared to the non-automatic varieties.

Remember that the more the light the auto-flowering plants receive, the better will be the results; at the same time the quality of light is also important. Metal Halide (MH) lamps can offer better results and the power consumption is also less. For instance, the development and production is high with greater lumens.

The best way to cultivate auto-flowering marijuana is to maintain an extensive light cycle from the beginning of cultivation to the end; it should somewhere in the range of 18/6 (18 hours of light and 6 of darkness), 20/4 or even 24/0.

Since the auto varieties take just four or five weeks to enter the flowering stage, it’s ideal to use a large pot right from the first day instead of using a small pot in the beginning and later transplanting to a larger one. It’s advisable to start directly with a pot having a capacity of 10 liters.

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When growing marijuana in soil, it’s not recommended to use fertilizers during the initial weeks of growth in order to avoid over-fertilization. Remember to buy good quality soil when purchasing from a grow shop for marijuana cultivation. After the initial few weeks, you can gradually add Powder Feeding irrigation water to the plants. When the plants enter flowering phase, use high quantities of Powder Feeding so that the buds can grow into large and dense ones.

Some cultivators have the misconception that automatic varieties will be ready in three months after germination, but this is not the truth. There are several auto-flowering varieties that need even four months to fully mature into buds.

Consider the growing time mentioned by the seed bank to determine the time it requires before being harvested.

Around ten days prior to harvesting the plants, flush the roots to remove excess salts from the soil so that the final taste of the buds will be more palatable.

Outdoor Auto-Flowering Marijuana Cultivation

To a certain level, it’s recommended to grow auto-flowering varieties outdoors since the plants will receive more hours of good quality natural light, which in turn will increase the production. Moreover, the natural light from the sun is a free source.

Use a large pot of capacity of around 20 liters from the beginning. Avoid transplanting the medium of culture; in other words, begin with the final pot. If you opt to grow the crop in the ground, make good-sized hole and add good quality soil in so that the roots of the new plant can grow smoothly.

Irrespective of whether you choose to cultivate auto-flowering marijuana in a pot or directly in the ground, select a good location, where the plants can receive more hours of direct sunlight all through the day. If you use a pot, it would be easier to move it around smoothly to sunny spots.

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Similar to indoor cultivation, here too, it’s not recommended to use fertilizers till the plant reaches a few weeks of growth. After that, you can slowly start adding Powder Feeding irrigation water to improve its strength and vitality. When you get to see the appearance of the first flower, you can identify it as the time to use Powder Feeding in it’s entirely to get the best results. Expert cultivators advise performing self-pruning of auto-flowering plants failing which the production amount may come down.

Cultivators need not wait till spring when growing auto-flowering marijuana outdoors. It’s necessary to just ensure that the temperature is not very low; other than that, any time of the year is fine.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave it in the comments section below.


  1. Robert Murphy    

    I’m a newbie who has been reading a lot there’s a lot of confusion
    I’m about finish gettin all i need to start my 1st grow
    i want to grow some autos but readin so much I’m confused about how to get it started
    correctly some people say i need this and others say that i need that
    here’s how i want to set up
    grow tent 4x4x5 root maker 5 gallon fabric bags 2 1000 watt led lights and a 6 inch inline fan with odor scrubber(question is an exhaust fan need when using an inline fan or are they the same????)
    i was thinkin of using sub cool’s super soil which i saw in 5 pound bags(how much soil should be placed in a 5 gal container for a nice grow????)
    I read that super is not good for seedlings and i wanted to plant the seed straight to the soils so that i don’t have to transplant read autos don’t like that so i was thinking about placing some black gold seedling mix over the super soil would that be a good thin to do???? i was also thinking of jiffy peat pellets but again transplanting
    Ireally need help with this matter any advice would be really appericated….
    Thank You……..

    1. Jose Green House    

      Good morning,

      You have too many doubts for a single explanation, I recommend you to register in the forum, there you can give more personalized advice:


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