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Several anti-drug activists have been of the belief that a couple of puffs from the marijuana joint could transform you into a druggie, maybe for life. However, do you think that marijuana actually has a bad effect on your health?
With a number of American states keeping the herb legalized for personal use, the scientists have been working upon what marijuana could do to people on a large scale. You may be surprised about what cannabis could do by providing various health benefits to the user.

Some of the health benefits have been listed below for your perusal.

  • Reduces your chances of obesity

You should rest assured that people who smoke weed have fewer chances of getting obese as compared to non-smokers. The marijuana smokers have been believed to have low body mass index scores. It has been deemed a sign of good health. It would also help in reducing the BMI score that ensures less body fat and lower risk of diabetes.

  • Improve your lung functionality

Smoking marijuana would not be bad for your lungs. The smokers would have enhanced lung functionality when compared to tobacco smokers and those who had not smoked either tobacco or weed. The researchers have been of the opinion that huge drag taken off the weed would make the smokers train the lungs to become highly efficient.

  • Enhances your creativity levels

The smokers of weed have been known to be more creative, especially with the language. They would have improved divergent thinking.

  • Enhance the performance of athletes

It would be pertinent to mention here that marijuana smokers have been known to perform better in athletics. They would be giving full credit to marijuana for a speedy recovery in case of injury.

  • Helps the user kill cancer

It has been an admitted fact that smoking marijuana could actually shrink the cancer cells. It would be pertinent to mention here that smoking marijuana has proven to be effective in controlling the growth of cancer cells in the body.

  • A better and safer alternative to alcohol consumption

Smoking marijuana could actually be deemed as the safest drug available in the present times. It has been known to be 114 times less harmful than alcohol consumption.

  • Helps you with heroin addiction

Yet another benefit of smoking marijuana would be for patients who look forward to giving up heroin addiction.
It has been found that people who smoke marijuana would be able to sleep better and be less anxious.