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When you decide to cultivate Marijuana in your house, you have to think and plan several things about it. Right from choosing the suitable seeds to mode of germination, from conservation of buds to tackling the pungent smell of Marijuana crops. The pungent odour of Marijuana in your backyard or indoor garden can bother people living in and around your place.

Marijuana plants can be extremely aromatic and can be easily traced by trained noses. So to completely eliminate or at least minimize its pungent smell, one must take the right steps:

  • Choose marijuana varieties with mild odours: You will find a wide range of Marijuana seeds with different odours, shape, and quality. If odour control is your concern, choose marijuana with a mild aroma. However, if you have indoor marijuana cultivation, just picking the mild marijuana will not resolve the issue. You can try varieties like the white widow and super lemon haze, which are naturally pungent and tend to create an aromatic environment.

  • Use neutralizer: Odour neutralizers are the easiest and the most affordable ways to reduce or eliminate foul smell. Pick the neutralizer depending on the incense, air quality, purpose and the effect of scent on marijuana plants. Also, make sure not to use the neutralizer in excess as it can alter or reduce the natural aroma of Marijuana.

  • Keep your greenhouse ventilated with fresh air: No matter where your marijuana is growing, the simplest way to get rid of the foul smell is to let the fresh air in. Make the room well-ventilated. So, when there is irritating smell in the room, you can simply open the windows and turn on your vents to pass off the stinky odour. You can even use an air purifier.

  • Balance the indoor garden with aromatic plants: Another way to get rid of smell arising from marijuana crop is to include sweet-smelling plants in your greenhouse. You can balance the overall musk of the indoor garden by adding plants like mint, lemongrass, rosemary, and lavender. Also, make sure that you store loose marijuana seeds in an airtight jar. Try to keep these plants at a confined space like a storage room or you can cover the crops with plastic.

Just start your marijuana cultivation with the right seeds such as Super silver haze, Chemdog, Hawaiian snow, and kalashnikova.