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The noise caused by fans, exhausts, tube vents and other electric components in indoor cultivation is definitely a headache. Therefore, whenever you begin indoor cannabis cultivation, make sure you put in the extra attention, robust control, and special care for your greenhouse.

Here are five soundproofing techniques that can help you tackle the cannabis cultivation noise:

  • Install a proper duct fan: Cultivators use inline fans in their greenhouse because it has the potential to suck the charcoal from the air and expel it outside the room. However, the vibrations of the fans on the surface like walls and ceilings can create a noisy environment in your greenhouse. In such cases, you should isolate the fans from that surface and mount them in enclosures like wooden or plastic boxes. These enclosures will absorb all the noise. Additionally, you can also use bungee cords to isolate these fans and suspend the air ducts in the same direction.

  • Keep the pumps isolated: Your greenhouse also includes a number of air and water pumps, which are generally placed on the floor or a table. This can increase the vibrations and transmit a lot of noise in and out of the greenhouse. In such cases, you can use high-density foam, rubber mat, anti-sonar duct or any other soundproof material.

  • Try some new types of ducting: A well-designed and properly enclosed duct system can make your greenhouse much safer and more energy-efficient. For instance, fabric ducting can offer your greenhouse good ventilation and soundproofing. Fiberglass ducting is another great way to reduce the noise created by air movement. The majority of cultivators prefer fabric ducting since it prevents noise, insulates heat, and is also cost-effective.

  • Use a ‘muffler’ to reduce the sound: One of the best ways to silence your indoor cannabis cultivation is using a good muffler. A muffler is a great tool for reducing the noise turbulence created by the air movement. You just need a large plastic trash bin, metal netting, duct tape and a silicon gun for this, which will cost you around $77.

  • Other soundproofing techniques: Apart from the above techniques, you can also hang up heavy vinyl curtains that effectively block the sound. You can also use sound-damping materials like rubber under the layer of linoleum or wood floor. Another option is to use sound-damping materials like rubber and fabric under the table or wood floor. Simply avoid using metallic or highly flammable materials in your greenhouse.

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