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Marijuana is the oldest agricultural crop. For a long time, people relied on outdoors to cultivate it, but now from less than a century, it has been grown indoors as well because of some prohibitions being imposed upon it. After doing a complete research, preparing everything for its production and getting knowledge regarding the best soil, lighting, and other growing conditions, the major decision left with the farmers is whether they should go for outdoor or indoor cultivation? There are many considerations that induce them to analyze deeply and choose the better option wisely. The key differences in cultivating marijuana outdoor and indoor are discussed below:

Climate: Controlled or Natural

Usually, indoor cultivation transcends outdoor cultivation as indoor farming permits to have complete control over the environment. Location, temperature, CO2 production, humidity, and light source are fully under control and not subject to any risk of outdoor elements, which are totally beyond control. However, because indoor climate is not natural, it limits various benefits and results in less vigorous plants and smaller yields. Also, ants, wasps, and ladybugs that help the plants to grow naturally can only be found in outdoor farming. Indoor cultivation can’t exactly mimic the natural environment.

Quality Aspect

As indoor agriculture gets controlled environment, it’s usually better than outdoor cultivation. Increased bud growth, good THC levels (which are hard to get outdoors), and least damage to the plant from wind, rain, or other natural elements are some of the benefits that indoor farming enjoys in terms of quality. Although experienced outdoor growers can produce high-quality strains just like indoor growers, indoor cultivation inevitably surpasses outdoor in quality terms.

Cost Effect

Cost can change the decision of growing marijuana indoor or outdoor. In the beginning, you will find both the remedies to be expensive. But, with passage of time, indoor farming will prove to be more expensive than outdoor cultivation. The costs of temperature control system, lights, labor, trellising, feeding, pruning, watering, harvesting and many more things are ongoing and demand big price. In short, indoor growing is more expensive and long-term investment.

Efforts and Trimming

To make sleek and clean buds, trimming is necessary. Indoor buds, as mentioned earlier, are already high in terms of quality. Trimming is needed in case of outdoor farming so that it doesn’t look like the bud is ripped just now out of the ground. On the other hand, indoor cultivation requires more efforts. Along with overall monitoring, farmers have to deeply take care of temperature, lighting, and other similar needs. Constant monitoring and tremendous efforts are required for indoor farming to get the best produce.


If you want to get output in less time, then cultivating marijuana indoors is the best option. The reason is that within controlled situations, it’s very easy to grow marijuana in short span of time as compared to the varied uncontrolled situations of outdoors.