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Recent researches have shown that if weed is smoked prior to a workout it can enhance the performance of the people during their exercise regime. While some may feel that smoking weed before workout is quite a farfetched idea, others consider that it is actually quite counter-productive.

But apparently, if you smoke cannabis before you begin your workout, it is an efficient tool for reaping more gains from the workout.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should smoke weed before a workout:

Cannabis Helps to Reduce the Anxiety That Is Caused Prior to a Workout

It has happened quite often that after a long and exhausting day at work, you feel extremely reluctant to go to the gym. The fatigue gets to you and kills the enthusiasm to work out. However, if you smoke cannabis before your workout, it gets you pumped up for the gym mode.

Keith Humphreys, a professor from the Stanford Medical School says that our brains have cannabinoid receptors distributed all over the surface. When the THC strikes these receptors, it initiates a system that decreases the levels of anxiety.

Cannabis Increases the Metabolism of the Body

Smoking weed can also help in providing a higher rate of metabolism to your body. GW Pharmaceuticals has stated that cannabis comprises of 2 main active constituents namely cannabidiol and THC. Both these constituents help to speed up the metabolism and thus result in loss of fat and low levels of cholesterol. Some tests were conducted on animals, and the results showed that THC can improve the sensitivity of insulin and lower the risk of developing obesity and diabetes.

Sport Skills Can Also Be Improved with Marijuana

Many sports legends have concluded that the use of marijuana can boost your performance in sports. However, with regular training and controlled use, you will be able to control your frame of mind and utilize the consumption of marijuana to your advantage in sports.

Marijuana Also Acts as a Pain Killer

Research has also concluded that marijuana will be able to relieve you from any sort of pain and fatigue that you experience due to the exercise regime. The THC present in the cannabis induces a relief from the sensation of pain and helps you perform better.

Cannabis Turns on the Gym Mode in You

The use of cannabis before working out induces vibes of hitting the gym. It helps you to create a rhythmic zone that is steady and essential to maintain a competitive running speed.