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The Hair and skin are essential features of the human body physically. They demand a very high level of care and attention. With Hemp (Cannabis) oil, you can gratify this undying need of your body. Hemp oil is not only rich in various body essential constituents including several disease-fighting vitamins, and bodybuilding nutrients but is also rich in some gaseous substances that are necessary for a healthy hair and a glowing skin. Having stressed the importance of hemp oil to the hair and skin, it is needful to know that the oil is also important in battling hair diseases of any sort.

Hair loss has several underlying determinants; it could be accidental, hereditary, as a result of diseases and epidemic, deficiency in vital body nutrients and so on. Whatever the reason for hair loss is, all hopes are not lost, and there is an antidote that can restore your follicles to proper condition.

Hemp oil is the remedy to hair problems without respect to the cause. Its healing abilities, germinating, thickening and oiling feature is almost divine. It is an essential product everyone needs in his dresser.

How Hemp Oil Could Help Reduce Hair Loss

#1: Induces Rapid Growth

Hemp seed is the source of hemp oil, it contains a high rating of EFA’s (Omega fatty acids), Omega nutrients, hair fertilizers and organic substances that strengthen the hair, supply blood to infected areas and induce rapid hair growth.

#2: Moisturizes and Fight Off Diseases

Hemp oil is the perfect hair moisturizer. Moisturizing is a characteristic peculiar to hemp seed alone. It works assiduously on the hair root paving way for growth and fighting diseases when gently applied.

#3: Nourishes and Heals the Hair

The composition of hemp oil makes it an effective hair stimulant and moisturizing agent being rich in various acids and nutrients responsible for healthy, strong and glowing hair, and also prevents and heals hair infections.

#4: Improves elasticity of the hair

Hair that is nourished with hemp oil will be noticed to be shinning and glowing. This is made possible because of the high percentage of lipid in the oil. It also improves the elastic nature of the hair, volume, and size.

#5: Strengthens and Enhances Hair Growth

The hair follicles are composed mainly of proteins. This accounts for the reason why about a quarter of hemp oil is composed of protein. Hemp oil supplies make up for protein shortage in the hair and supply keratin, enhancing the growth in the process.

#6: Prevents Hair Breakage

Breaking hair is a critical hair infection. It can be attributed to the poor moisturizing ability of the hair. When one’s hair suffers from this, hair breakage becomes a daily experience. In a dry weather condition or a very dusty environment, the hair gradually loses moisture. Hemp oil will make up for this by supplying the essential nutrients that will make the hair retain moisture and oil in it despite the nature of the environment.

There is no strict method of applying hemp oil. Here are some ways in which it can be used.

  • You can mask the hair, add a few drops of hemp oil and leave for a period of time then wash with water.

  • You can mix some quantity with shampoo and apply.

  • You can apply few drops to the hair and rub vigorously.