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Cannabis is a relative of the plant family known as Cannabacaea. The plant has many species, which are grown in India and central Asia. Cannabis is generally known as marijuana in everyday life. It has been a vital part in the lives of people all around the world since early days. It is used as a medication and people also use it for leisure purposes. It is well known as a mood-changing drug, can decrease your pain as well giving you a feel of satisfaction, and makes you happier. It makes you forget your grief and depression and keeps you away from your fears too.


Cannabis business is emerging at a fast pace and becoming more and more advanced at day to day basis. Cannabis can be prepared in a number of ways that depends on the way you consume it.

• The most ordinary form of its manufacture is by aerating the female cannabis flower, which is then used for therapeutic use and recreational purposes.

• Kief, is a sticky spherical tip at the tip of the flower part recognized as trichrome. They comprise of terpenes, which are chemicals accountable to give marijuana its distinguishing taste and aroma. These hold good amounts of cannabinoids in them. Kief is also used tin the production of manufacture waxes and other gums.

• Hashish is one of the ancient forms of marijuana, which is manufactured by constricting the gum of cannabis plant. It can be consumed orally and is a significant constituent of smoke.

• Cannabis mixtures are also known as golden dragon. They are intoxicating extracts of the cannabis plant. They were previously used as a herbal medicine to treat diseases.

• Cannabis infusions are applicable on the skin. t this shows that not all forms of cannabis are inhaled or consumed.


There are varieties of ways in which we can consume cannabis. They are listed below


Smoking is the most common way of consuming cannabis. Rolling a paper or using a dry flower is one of the ways to fulfil your pleasure. Weed can also be smoked used a pipe or a paper whatever is convenient for you.


Sweet and drinks like coffee and juices also contain marijuana which delivers you relief. This is also a way to add cannabis in your diet.


It is a process of transferring the cannabis concentrates and inhaling its fumes. You can blob marijuana using a pipe and a torch, which helps get vapors to rise high.