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Do you know that marijuana can be your ally when you are suffering from a number of health complications? Yes, and this is one of the reasons why more and more people grow their own cannabis or marijuana plants.

Marijuana can now be used medically and recreationally. And the good thing about this is the fact that cannabis plants can be used in different ways. So if you are not a smoker or smoking is not allowed in your situation, you can still enjoy the benefits of marijuana plants.

That is right, and below are the different ways in consuming cannabis:

Through cannabis edibles or what they call cannabis-infused foods. This is one of the most preferred methods especially those who are not allowed to smoke. Here you can infuse the cannabis after being heated to your fav foods such as brownies, pizza and more. Not only that you can infuse cannabis to your fave foods, you can also do the same thing to your fave drinks. You just need to be careful with the dosing.

Another method is through ingestible oils. This method can be in capsule form or through plastic applicator. This can also be taken like edibles where you can have the oils added to your food and drink. One thing, though, you still be careful with the dose as just like the edibles, this will also take some time to take effect.

Topicals can also be used to ingest cannabis to your system. This comes in the form of lotions, creams or balms. The good thing about this method is it does not come with the usual psychoactive effect. Thus if you just want to be clear headed, this method should be your option to treat soreness, inflammation, and pain.

Dabbing incorporated with a flash vaporization method is also another way to enjoy medical marijuana. Cannabis concentrates will be dropped in a heated water pipe attachment here and inhaled. The effects are quick and intensely potent. The attachment that is used here is a heated glass or metallic nail using a butane torch. This might seem closely similar to smoking as you will still inhale the smoke coming from the attachment but still, this is different.

Whatever situation you are in, whether there is some discretion imposed by your doctor, you can still easily find a way to enjoy the wonders of medical marijuana.