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What was considered illegal earlier is now known for its healing properties. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, which is basically the non-psychoactive content present in cannabis, is now recognized as one of the alternatives that can help the athletes to soothe their pain and injuries during the matches to attain faster recovery.

As per recent reports, Basketball’s BIG3 is definitely one of the first sports team from the US to have allowed their athletes to consume CBD to soothe their pain and play efficiently in the sports ground. The non-psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis has finally been recognized for its healing properties.

It is amazing news for sports athletes as they can now utilize the healing properties of the herb to derive the maximum benefits. What was considered illegal earlier is now being considered to be medicinal and with sports leagues like Basketball BIG3 allowing their sportsmen to use the herb, many teams will follow the suit and allow the usage of the herb.

However, most of the sports associations have speculations on whether to allow the use of CBD as a temporary respite for the sports athletes or not. We have listed down the benefits of CBD, which can help the athletes in their sports career:

Reduce Stress Due to Physical Workout

While physical activities keep you away from physical illness, working harder can lead to releasing of stress hormones, which can affect your overall health and lead to decrease in productivity. Intake of CBD can help the athletes ward off the blood pressure-triggering hormone and stay safe while playing for their team.

Ward Off Inflammation

While playing is good for your body, inflammation is certainly not good. Inflammation decreases the athlete’s ability to engage properly in the game. But, since CBD is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help in getting some respite from the pain that shoots up due to inflammation of the muscles.

Aide in Weight Management

While athletes work hard towards attaining the perfect physique, they certainly have to go through rigorous workout schedule to manage their weight gain regime. Recent tests carried out in the laboratory have revealed that CBD is one of the factors that could help you attain the appropriate weight to be eligible for playing on.

Major sports leagues are now realizing the positive effects that cannabis has to offer. It is high time that CBD gets accepted as a natural medicine to help the athletes move forward in their sports journey and stops being regarded as an addiction.