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Hello guys, let’s bring some great information on marijuana cultivation today. After all, you may have heard of auto seeds or cannabis seeds or also known as autoflowering, right? So, do you know what their qualities are, how to care for them, and why they choose them at the time of purchase? So let’s clarify.

Well, come on. First, when people enter marijuana seed sales sites and look at automatic seeds, they choose not to buy them because they know only that they are plants of smaller stature and that consequently yield less smoke than regular plants of the normal cycle. So far, it’s true, and the price is almost equal and sometimes even more expensive than regular or long-cycle feminized plants. So why buy these seeds?

Simple, firstly because automatic plants, despite being smaller, have no lower quality than regular ones. On the contrary, for some time now, the world’s largest seed companies have been investing heavily in this market and developing their classic plants in automatic versions, and if it was not worth it, they would not do it.

The exceptional quality of the automatic plants (including one of the best marijuana I’ve ever smoked was automatic), adds to the fact that they are discreet, call little attention for their size, but the smell is truly absurd and sweeping, as normal as the large plants. Adding to these two factors that attract a lot of people, we can add the ease of cultivation, and the reduced time to harvest a smoke of the highest quality.

Cultivation of Automatic Seeds

Automatic variety plants are ready to be harvested in approximately 60 days after seed germination, which means that in 2 months you only harvest the best that marijuana plants can offer you. And this is something fundamental for those who cannot be exposed for many months with plants that reach up to 2 meters high. And with a well-cultivated, well-fertilized and well-managed garden, that offers ideal indoor lighting conditions, you will have an extremely satisfactory harvest. Which will compensate 100% these 2 months of cultivation, easy cultivation, very easy compared to the normal cycle plants, which in are more likely to suffer some contamination, disease or even stress.

Final Words

For beginner growers, who want to learn about the marijuana plant itself, about its growth, automatic varieties are ideal because they will learn in a short time what would take months in normal plants, and even if they do not lead to a perfect crop, they will pick some good sample to taste afterwards.

Anyway, automated seeds are increasingly gaining more space from the companies that sell them and mostly gaining appreciation in the taste of growers, both beginners, and seasoned herb gardeners, because their qualities are really great, both in potency, taste and aroma. so, it’s worth the try.