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Marijuana comes with a lot of benefits. Actually much little is known by people, most of the knowing being the negative characteristic. Only a handful out of the whole mass knows about its potential benefits. Here are some benefits listed.

  • Marijuana for Glaucoma treatment

Marijuana is much needed for treatment of a common eye disease Glaucoma. In this disease, the patient can end up loosing his vision as it increases the eye balls pressure which damages the optic nerves. According to research analysis marijuana lowers the intraocular optic pressure and to some extent normalizes the pressure in people suffering from Glaucoma and thus prevents loss of vision.

  • Helps to restore lung condition

Marijuana alone never harms the lungs; it affects the body when taken with tobacco. Infact it does not damages lungs function at all instead regularizes and increases the lungs capacity.

  • Reduces stress and bring upon calmness

In this life full of hustles and bustles, sometime even stress never finds time to make to get stressed up. Anxiety is a common problem with people today. Marijuana is great stress reliever. It cools down the brain cells and soothes the tension making one feel calm and stress free.

  • Gives a marvellous skin tone

Marijuana is a good skin cleanser as it helps to shed of the dry cells and restore the suppleness of the skin. It also reduces dryness and relieves a person from a dull dry skin condition. People suffering from an itchy skin can make use of marijuana to get a good skin which is soft and tender.

  • Relieves Asthma problem

Inhalation of marijuana can outrightly cure asthma as it reduces the inflammation and provide a proper space for respiration. Asthma is a troubled respiratory condition due to restrictions in the respiratory tract. It can be easily cured by inhalation of marijuana with prescribed dosage.

  • Improves sleeps and cures hypertension

Marijuana is an excellent stress reliever. It directly relates with the sensory nerves which gets stressed up and make you awake the whole night making you suffer from insomnia. This sleepless condition can easily be cured by marijuana inhalation with relieves the stressed up sensory brain cell and act a sedative. It heals your brain cells and makes your nerve a little less responsive. It keeps away one from hypertension as well.

Thus Marijuana is a beneficial source with many advantageous qualities that makes one get relief if taken in adequate dosages under proper medical supervision.