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Marley Natural is a line that deals with all products of natural cannabis, including vapes, pipes, oils, and flowers and is headed by the members of Bob Marley’s family. If sources are to be believed, then Marley Natural can be the initiator of the weed revolution in the world.

The General Manager of Marley Natural, Tahira Rehmatullah said that legalization of cannabis is one of the greatest gifts that they could get and they have to make sure that they use this gift in the most appropriate way. He also added that they are at the top of the roller coaster and are gradually going to brand cannabis to the mainstream.

He said that Marley Natural would be similar to the chain of Starbucks. It is going to become a global brand and no matter which place the customers go to, they can be confident that the quality is going to be awesome.

Bob Marley’s son, Stephen Marley who is a winner of multiple Grammy awards, said that as many states are legalizing the use of cannabis, the family thought that it was high time they start contributing efforts to a particular line of products and therefore they are going to try and make Marley Natural the leading brand of weed. He used the term “the herb” for cannabis and said that it can be beneficial for a creative process, but not everyone may reap the same benefits.

He said that the effect of cannabis is different for different people. As for him, cannabis opens up his consciousness and takes him away. The feel is similar to what Bob Marley, his father, used to say – ‘Cannabis takes you away from city life and puts you in a different calm era.’

Zach Huston, who is Marley Natural’s public representative, said that according to the polls by public, a majority of US residents are supporting the legalization as well as regulation of cannabis as compared to alcohol. The percentage of people voting for cannabis to get it legalized is 58 percent and the percentage for those who support medical cannabis it is 80 percent.

Apart from Marley family, other celebrities like Willie Nelson are also trying to catch hold over this 5 million dollar market of weed business. Willie is launching a reserve of weed known as Willie’s Reserve. In addition to this, Melissa Etheridge along with Bethany Frankel, who is a celebrity chef, is negotiating talks about getting involved in the cannabis infused business of wine.