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Medical marijuana has proved to be a good supplement to decrease chronic pain and reduce opioid usage. A lot of researches and experiments have been done to find out whether it’s possible to whittle out chronic pain and opioid usage altogether by consuming marijuana. These researches involved various anonymous queries based on the dosage, how people take it, how much it healed their pain, whether their reliability on other painkillers got reduced or not, and many other related questions.

Opioid Is Not a Good Treatment Option for Chronic Pain

Well, patients are usually forced to reduce their dependence on an opioid because it contains strong drugs like Vicodin and OxyContin, which automatically leads to drug abuse because it makes people addictive to it. And, the worst part is that overdose can even cause death. So, it is better to avoid it altogether.

Positive Outcome with Marijuana

Various researches have been conducted till date to know the aftermaths of marijuana. Almost every experiment has showcased only positive results and decreasing dependence on opioids by people. Moreover, they don’t get addictive and the risk of dependence on dangerous drugs gets lowered. Without getting dependent on dangerous drugs, marijuana is the right option to reduce chronic pain.

According to a report, which was based on opioid prescription analyzation from the year 2011 to 2016, it was found that annually opioid consumption by people dropped 5.9% successfully after they started taking medical marijuana. Furthermore, their chronic pain also reduced.

However, all the dangerous pain-killers can’t be replaced by marijuana. Moreover, people don’t switch to it easily as it has become mundane to take opioid and get addictive to it. If we look at clinical studies, then you will get to understand the point that it is easy to combat several issues like muscle contractions, neuropathic pain and chronic pain by using marijuana.

When the data of many researches among young and old age people were compared, it was found that old people are not switching easily to marijuana. The usage of toxic painkillers by old age people is still high and they don’t take marijuana as a medicinal supplement.

In a nutshell, marijuana is a very effective treatment for chronic pain when compared to other painkillers like opioid. Several doctors have even started prescribing marijuana instead of opioid for chronic pain in states where it is legal as a medicinal drug.