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Cannabis is a herb which is grown in most of the tropic and humid parts of the world.Humans and Cannabis have a connection for about 12000 years.Cannabis has a special mention in almost all of the pages of world’s history.One of the oldest records of Cannabis has been found in the 2nd century BC Chinese texts.Today the power of Cannabis has grown ten times than it was earlier.

Properties contained Cannabis

  • Cannabis can generally be regarded as a psychoactive drug which has some of the properties of a sleep inducing drug in addition to that ,it also prouduces some amazing psychological effects on the person , it makes one more calm and relaxed.It has very less or no harm when compared to the ill effects of alcohol and tobacco.

  • Cannabis has individual and separate male and female plants.The structure and the shape of the male and female plants vary from each other.

  • Cannabis has a lot of subspecies undiscovered and a few which have been discovered off late gave astounding facts to be surprised.

Marijuana as ingredients

Marijuna also known as Marihuna, native to Mexico grows completely in 3-5 months.It possess both properties of a recreational drug as well as medicinal.It is edible too.The intoxicating effect which is produced on the person is due to the presence of a chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).The herb can also be mixed in the ingredients used to make cookies, candies or brownies.

The cannabis and its subspecies prove to be a lot more beneficial to farmers during times of famine or unpredictable climatic conditions or due to lack of rains.It can be used as a marginal crop and the cannabis also has the potential to turn out to be a good cash crop.

Benefits of Hemp

Hemp,one of the subspecies of Cannabis has multitude properities.The benefits which it possesses in various arenas are simply unaccountable.The Hemp is a powerhouse of nutrients.It is regarded as a new age superfood.It is found to have more fibre , protein and fatty acids as chia,flax and quinoa.The Hemp is skinny and tall in structure ,it doesn’t require much water to grow.It doesn’t need pesticides or insecticides and has the property to clear the weeds in the field.The Hemp’s fibre can be used for making fabrics. Those fabrics have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that prevent bad odour due to sweat emanating from clothes and also soften after periodical washes and suitable to be worn under any climatic conditions.

Thus, more than just a recreational intoxicating drug, the Cannabis has advantages which are manifold, those can be utilized only if it is put to use.