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Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is undergoing a lot of study and experimentation. Various researches have concluded that it is an effective drug that can be used for treating a variety of medical conditions.

The latest medical study has concluded that the use of cannabis oil can be effective for treating chronic seizures. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recently concluded that about 1 million residents of America still undergo chronic seizures and about 30 percent of them suffer from epilepsy.

Cannabis has a minimum of eighty five active components and the two most significant ones are CBD or cannabidiol and THC or 9- tetahydrocannabinol. THC forms the psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD does not contribute to the high feeling and therefore is not addictive. Various studies and researches have shown that CBD is the component that is capable of treating chronic seizures.

In order to use cannabis to their maximum potential, those derivatives of cannabis that contain less of THC and more of CBD components have to be used. Some of the common products that have high percentage of CBD are Realm Oil and Epidolex Oil. The only problem is that the research carried out on these products is limited and they are accessible only in those areas where cannabis is legal for medical use.

A study is being initiated at University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus. Patients suffering from Dravet epilepsy are being admitted and treated with Charlotte’s Web, which is a specific strain of cannabis with high CBD and low THC. The researchers are then going to study the genetics of the patients in whom the seizure activity is likely to decrease by a rate of 50 percent and compare the results obtained in those patients where the drug failed to work. This study will reveal volumes of vital and essential information about how cannabis oil can be used to control seizures.

As of now, the AES or American Epilepsy Society has released a statement that says that as far as usage of cannabis for seizure treatment is concerned, no conclusion can be reached because the data and information is not sufficient. The Epilepsy Foundation states that they do not discourage the use of cannabis for medical reasons, but they are recommending people to not initiate any self- tutoring medications at home and wait for physicians and doctors for guidance and approval.