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Fresh cannabis has at least 75% water to be eliminated up to 10% for cannabis to dry and become a quality product that we can enjoy one hundred percent. Therefore, our harvest must be carefully dried because otherwise all the work we have had for several weeks can be messed up. The buds must be dry to consume (either to smoke, spray or consume in the recipes) and so that we can enjoy all its properties.

The drying process must be done with patience and care. Do not hurry, because drying the crop takes time. This is one of the most important process in the cultivation of marijuana. If done correctly, your marijuana taste buds will increase their properties as well as a better smell and taste.

What You Should Know

Here, as elsewhere, everyone has his methods. The most common is to cut the branches of the plant, hang them upside down. Cannabis plants hanging helps to dry the plant where the buds are, remove the leaves and suspend them upside down. We must particularly be careful so that the buds are not in contact with each other.

  • You must keep the marijuana buds in the dark to avoid losing its properties.
  • The enclosure or room that houses the crop must be well ventilated. You can even use a fan, but be careful! Do not allow this unit to throw air directly into buds to dry faster.
  • As we have already said: patience, do not hurry because the wait will be worth it.
  • The temperature at which the crop should be maintained is at 20 ° C the first two days, then fall to 17ºC, so gradually the drying is done, and the results of our harvest will be exceptional. How long do you have to let dry? Here, as in the process of cultivation, nothing is exact hundred percent.
  • We know that the drying has peaked when the branch hanging from the buds can break easily if we see that they bend, we will have to wait.

Round Mesh Dryer Round

Mesh Dryer on the market, you also have electric dryers that dry the cannabis plant without changing/affecting its properties or taste, are also very effective in keeping off the fungus that could ruin our taste buds.

DryFast Electric Dryer

DryFast electric dryer, from drying we have to go through the hardening process.

Once you choose the buds, it must be kept in airtight glass jars with lids and keep them in these containers for about a month, although some consumers prefer even two months or more, and others choose to harden them in two weeks. Depends on the patience and taste of each. Do not pour too many buds into the containers, introduce a few hermetic glass jars, and leave enough space for the air to flow between them.

During the first 14 days in these pots or boxes, you must open the lid once a day for a few minutes. After these days, opening the container once a week will suffice. Through the hardening process that marijuana will acquire, among other things, a softer flavor that will thank you.