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Knowing the many benefits marijuana brings, more and more people want to be sure that they always have a steady supply of this superfood. Yes, according to some doctors, marijuana can be considered as one of the superfoods because of the many medicinal properties one can get from this plant.

However, we all know that life will not always go with our plans. In fact, most of the time, it will go the exact opposite. When it comes to the cannabis plants, there are real reasons why things will not go as they expected and the most dominant ones are listed below:

Light deficiency

Light is the first and more important factors why cannabis plants will grow as expected. That said, lack of this will also yield the opposite. The amount of light needed by marijuana plants will depend on their strain or genetics.


Water might be essential for your plants but it should be maintained at an appropriate level as if not, it can also saturate your cannabis plant. When you overwater your plant, chances are what will not be absorbed by the soil will become stagnant and such situation will be conducive to the development of plant diseases.

Not enough nutrient concentration

Just like humans, plants cannot develop well when they cannot access to enough nutrients. For them to achieve high growth rate, they must be fed with the appropriate amount of nutrients.

Soil has too many barks

When the soil where your cannabis plants are grown have too many barks, the roots will have a hard time searching for nutrients. The thing with barks is they have high acid content and they can detrimentally affect the water ph of the soil. Aside from that, because the barks are solid, it is given that the roots cannot penetrate through them thus they still have to go around the barks.

Ph level is either too high or too low

The Ph level of the soil should just be enough. It must not be too low or too high as both situations will not be good for the plants. Instead, you should be familiar with the appropriate level of ph your growing medium should have.

  • Hydroponics/aeroponics – 5.6 to 5.8

  • Soilless – 6.0 to 6.3

  • Soil – 6.5 to 7.0

Cannabis plants generally need more attention compared with the other types of plants. If you want the best result, you should ensure that everything your plants need will be provided. You can check out online tips as sometimes, they can be really useful.