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There is a good reason why one will be motivated to grow cannabis. This particular plant has a lot to offer that it would be a pity not to benefit from it. This is why even if this is not that allowed yet, you will find a lot of growers who will do everything as long as they can have their own supply of this.

Are you one of them? Do you also want to grow your marijuana? If that is the case, you should enrich yourself with enough knowledge first so your harvest will be the same as what you probably heard about already.

Growing cannabis is actually not that hard. There is a reason why this is called weed in the first place and that is because this can easily grow. However, the struggling part is how to harvest high-quality yields. To do this, you should be aware of the common problems with marijuana farming.

Too much or less water

This is the most common problems when it comes to growing marijuana. While a lot of people think that watering this plant often is a good thing, there are also those who just neglect this part. The thing is, you should just give enough water to your plant. Too much watering is not good for it while forgetting to water it is also just the same.


For sure you already know that pests are not good in almost all situations. This is why you should try your hardest so as your plants will not be infested with them. There are now so many pesticides you can buy from the market. However, see to it as well that such product will not be more harmful than the pests. Some of them can be too toxic.

Bud Rot

When humidity is high and airflow is poor, bud rot is the end result you surely don’t want this to happen to your marijuana plants thus be sure you will do what is right. Another action that can also cause bud rot is overwatering. So take note of the causes so as you can stop this mistake from happening.

Yes, cannabis is quite beneficial but if the taste is not as what you expected, you might lose interest. You might just end up using the alternative meds on the market. You can enjoy the fruit of your labor when it is done right.