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Planning on growing Weed or Marijuana? Marijuana is now accepted as a medicinal treatment in some parts of the world. If you are thinking about good business and you want to venture on growing Marijuana as one and selling it off, then you will need to know about deep water culture or what is commonly known as DWC in growing Marijuana.

Things that you should know about growing your Marijuana plant using the deep water culture method:

• Healthier and bigger

Planting the Marijuana in the soil may still yield a good and healthy plant but growing it using a deep water culture method will result in a healthier and bigger plant. This is because the roots of the Marijuana plant that is being grown through DWC, no longer have to “find” the nutrients that it needs to grow healthy and no longer have to “look for” space where it can find oxygen for it not to drown. The DWC method helps the plant to grow faster and bigger because the water that the plant is directly submerged into is aerated and is filled will all the nutrients that it will need. Growing the plant in the soil and in DWC will really yield different results because of the great difference in the environmental conditions.

Hassle to set up but it is worth it

Setting up your deep water culture for your Marijuana plant may be a hassle thing to do because of the many things you have to prepare. You have to consider the place where you will be setting up your DWC. It should be in a place where there is enough light for the Marijuana to be exposed to. Also, there should not be a lot of electrical outlets around for safety purposes but you need some for your air pump to function 24/7. You also need to have all the containers for the Marijuana seedlings to grow and be submerged. You can submerge the plants in one container or you can also put them in separate containers.

• They need to grow

Since this plant will grow a lot faster and a lot bigger in DWC, you may think that you can harvest them sooner. No, you can’t. In both soil and DWC grown plants, the amount of time it takes to fully grow and ripen is the same. Until then, you cannot harvest the plant yet since they are not yet ready for harvest. Just let them have the time that they need for you to get better results.