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As you farm marijuana plants, there will be a lot of time when you need to troubleshoot to get the best harvest. Yes, while you don’t probably care when your other plants look unhealthy, you have to really notice when it comes to marijuana. That is if you want the best harvest.

So here are the common ailments and how you can treat them:

Heat stress – this is the simplest problem you have to deal with. You can say that this is your training ground. Here you will easily notice the problem when the leaves are starting to turn yellowish or brownish.

The reason is quite obvious here though and this can happen in two ways. Either the plants are too close to the lamp or if planted outdoors, the sun is usually too hot and water is not enough. Of course, to solve this problem is to reduce the heat around the plants. When it comes to the outdoor farming, you simply need to give more water when the weather is too hot.

Molds and viruses

Pests like these are common with outdoor farming. You can detect this easily as your plants will have holes and will look unhealthy. This is not that hard to solve though but you need to be attentive to your plants especially if they are farmed outdoors. You might notice the pests too late to give treatment.

You will also notice white powdery spots when your plants are already infested. You can easily spray the plants with a solution of pesticide and water. Try to find a pesticide that is not too toxic. Some of them can be so harsh as well they can also ruin the taste of your marijuana.

Nutrient problem

Most of the time the reason for the ailment is nutrient-based. Your plants need different nutrients and they need just the exact amount. That said, you should make a research about this so you cannot over-nourish or under-nourish them. You can easily find blogs about them online. You just have to be resourceful.

The thing with marijuana is they might be easy to tend but if you want high-quality yields, you really need to exert more efforts. This is not such a struggle though because of the availability of the online information. However, you need to really know which one is reliable for you to follow.