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Apparently, the increasing demand for marijuana agriculture is skyrocketing not just as a drug but also a kind of treatment for medical patients. Believe or not, licensed hospitals and doctors as mandated by their state law allow their patients to partake in a treatment that involves the use of marijuana. In the field of medicine, the use of medical marijuana is an acceptable management to preserve the quality of life of patients. As a matter of fact, it has a lot of indications and especially beneficial to cancer patients or patients that are constantly in pain.

If you wanted to grow a marijuana plant as a business, then you need to know everything about it. It comes in two genders, the male, and the female. For marijuana agriculturist, knowing the gender of the plant matters because with wrong planting and culturing, the plant may die or its buds can’t be reused and most importantly only females grow buds.

Female Marijuana Plant

Cultivating marijuana plant is very important. The female type should be separated from the male before it undergoes pollination. If the male starts pollinating and not separated from the female then you’ll grow a plant seed and not a bud. To recognize a female plant, identifiers should be known. Female plants start to grow small white hairs at the joint or base of the branches. The tiny hair-like structure will grow bigger and starts evolving into something reddish as it gets matured.

Male Marijuana Plants

On the other hand, male types are completely different and make no appeal to growers. Growers prefer the female ones since they are very useful, product wise. During the pre-flowering stage, male plants grow balls at the internode instead of thin white hairs which is pretty much the best indication if it’s a female or male. Males are taller and are branched irregularly with fewer leaves compared to its counterpart.

Get it feminized

If agriculture is not your forte, then might as well be open for another option which is to buy seeds from seed banks or get the seeds feminized. Growers don’t deal male plants because it is not good for smoking and gives it uses terrible side effects. Like other experiments, getting it genetically mutated as female is not a hundred percent guarantee but if grown in a stress-free environment alongside proper handling techniques and cultivation, then there is a higher chance of getting it perfectly feminized.

Marijuana plants are very important if used wisely, wrong consumption can lead to some irreversible side effects. Get professional help if the need arises and get a license to operate if starting a business. Do not go beyond what the law states to avoid its negative impact. Precaution is important and proper management can do the job.