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Marijuana is used to treat various health conditions. When a user consumes this herbal drug, they would feel relieved and happy. In addition, it also improves the creativity, mood and sleep of people. There are many drug stores which are selling different types of Marijuana under one roof. You need to buy the one that is prescribed by the doctors to avoid getting prone to side effects. In addition to recreational purpose, this drug can also be used for medicinal purpose. This drug will treat all types of symptoms caused due to various health ailments.

Here are a few other uses of marijuana, which is also called as weed or hemp.

Medicinal purpose: There are many medicinal benefits that are offered by marijuana and this was proved by many researchers. People who are against the usage of this drug are keeping their mouth shut after the drug showing its effective results on the patients suffering with various health issues. The cannabinoids quantity present in this drug will treat various health issues including, epilepsy, cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, etc. There are few other health issues that can be treated by ingesting this drug in the right dosage and by taking it under the supervision of a medical practitioner. This marijuana can be consumed in various forms and are available in pill form. There are many pharmacy industries which are conducted research on this herbal plant to produce medicinal drugs that can cure various diseases.

Industrial purpose: There are many people who are already using this herbal plant in industries. The marijuana tissues can be used to produce industrial fibers and ropes. In addition, the extracts from marijuana are also used to produce cloth and paper. Many countries are making usage of this drug legal by keeping the THC content at minimum to avoid this for using for recreational purpose.

Recreational purpose: This is alike to that of ingesting alcohol and drugs. The THC content present in this drug will give a euphoric feeling for the marijuana inhalers and smokers. Though, the usage of this drug would take a toll on the health of humans, but it widely used for recreational purpose across the globe and a few countries have legalized its usage. This drug is letting people to leave in the euphoric world that is filled with pleasure and happiness.
The above are a few uses of this herbal plant. In addition to recreational and medical purpose, this is also used in industries.