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Marijuana is the medicinal drug that is used to cure various health issues. There are many doctors who prescribe marijuana to get rid of health issues at a brisk place. This herbal plant is used for recreational purpose and at the same time as a medicinal drug. There are many drug stores who are selling this drug at an incredibly affordable price. However, you need to do thorough research to buy this drug to ensure that you are buying the one that serves your purpose.

This is used by the patients to get rid of side effects caused due to cancer, AIDS, Glaucoma, and sclerosis. Not many people know to consume marijuana. Many would smoke this weed. Here are a few ways using which you can consume this drug. You can experiment to take this in different ways and finally stick to the one that is comfortable for you to ingest.

However, each of the following ways will give a unique experience of consuming this drug.


You can dab or shatter, smoke or vape, the effect of this drug would be the same. To vape this drug, you would need to buy a dab nail or a pen vape. These are the best ways to consume them and make most of these drugs for the money you invested.

Glass pipes:

You need to buy a glass pipe that would also act as a decorative piece. This helps you to comfortable ingest this drug. These are a few glass pipes available which are dedicated to drink marijuana.


This is another popular way to consume marijuana. You need to pour ice in the bottom of bongs and then enjoy the smoke that gives you a great pleasure when hits the throat.


This looks alike to that of cigarette. You can have this on the go and should not leave ashes in the tray, rather break the joint and use it for the next consumption.


You can add this drug in various food types and candy products. You can also add to pot brownies, gums, lollipops, ice cream, etc. This will taste good and will stop you from taking higher dosage. Moreover, the relief that you get by consuming this would last longer. When you ingest this, it slowly travels through the digestive system and enters the bloodstream and then goes to the brain.

Drinks: You can add this to tea and brew it to enjoy its taste.