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There is always a debate between the good and bad effects of marijuana on human health. Due to a recent study, many good effects of marijuana has come into limelight. This cannabis can be used for treating various fatal diseases. Seeing the positive effect of this cannabis, it has been made legal in about 23 states. There are two compounds which are present in the marijuana namely THC that is tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD that is cannabidiol which helps to control the response of the brain. Hence it can be used for treating cancer by stopping it from spreading by the aggressive spreader that is the cancer gene.

Facts about marijuana

  • Lung capacity decreases in some people who can be quite fatal. Though smoking marijuana won’t increase the capacity, it will improve the condition of lost function of the lung.

  • One can escape the severe symptoms of the seizure disorder known as Dravet’s syndrome by in taking marijuana.

  • They can cease cancer so that it won’t spread further.

  • Epileptic seizures can be prevented by smoking or taking marijuana as stated by the journal of the pharmacology and the experimental therapeutics.

  • It can save you from nerve disorder like the anxiety and help you to fight nausea and relief you from severe pain.

  • As Alzheimer’s disease worsens with time so taking marijuana won’t cure you but will definitely slow the process.

  • It can treat chronic pain. The THC compound present in the marijuana helps to treat nerve pains and reduce muscles spasm. It has been found to be very much useful for the MS patients.

  • According to the study of this cannabis, it is 86% effectual for treating Hepatitis C.

  • Helps to cure bowel diseases.

  • People suffering from arthritis can get rid of the discomfort as well as inflammation by using marijuana.

  • Sleep disorder like the Parkinsons diseases can be treated by marijuana.

  • The people who consume this cannabis has a comparatively better metabolism as well as they easily respond to sugars.

  • This plant has the ability to protect the area which is affected by stroke and also protect it from any further brain damage.

  • Helps to sleep better.

  • A person treated with chemotherapy can use this marijuana for stimulating their appetite.

So, before using it for the medical purpose, you must do a little research for deep understanding about this miraculous cannabis as something can only give a positive result when consumed properly.