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The best marijuana for different sickness symptoms calls for different intake methods, for example in medical marijuana, patients battling with chronic pain, to ensure their comfort the best and fastest ingestion method is required.

There are three top methods of ingesting marijuana, and these methods vary in degree of kicking in into the body system. However, we will explain which of these ingestion methods is the fastest and best ingestion technique.

Ingestion By Smoking

This is by far the most popular and fastest method of weed intake, its effects are almost instant, and because of this there are different options available today on how to smoke cannabis:

Vaping Option: Yeah vaporizers are not actually cheap, but they are the best way to smoke marijuana. They vaping tool acts by heating the weed and not burning it, that wat you prevent inhaling any organic matter into your system. This smoking method is more expensive than the others but is really worth it.

Blunts and Joints Option: You need not be reliant on this method because it is not good for your lungs even though its impact is quite quick just after a few hits. The blunt and joint method will require you to roll your crushed cannabis plant in the form of a cigarillo or cigarette respectively. You will need to utilize two different types of papers each for this ingestion method. Joints are typically smaller than joints.

Ingestion By Topical Creams

Lotions that have been incorporated with marijuana cannabinoids are known as topical creams. This method is the second fastest and best method of ingesting marijuana for patients, but don’t be too excited; it is for a specific usage. Some examples of these utilizations are an Aching shoulder, headache, skin inflammations or even a sore shoulder. These symptoms can be treated with topical creams infused with marijuana cannabinoids.

This method of intake is applied just to the body exterior just like other lotions, and they are not consumed. They are not suitable to treat mental conditions like anxiety and depression. Even though topical creams can be soothing but cannot affect the mind.

These lotions do not create the “high” effect because CBD is not THC which creates these effects. CBD does not change your state of mind.

Ingestion Of Edibles

This method is the slowest of all three; you are expected to feel the impact within 30 minutes to more an hour period of intake. However, its effects can last six hours or more but will peak in 3 hours of intake depending on the potency of the cannabis and the user. Some methods of ingestion through this means are;

Drinks or snacks

Pills or capsules

Sprays or Tinctures