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  1. It treats cancer– This disease has to upsurge its head recently. The pollution, alcohol intake, smoking and excessive tension can grow the germ of cancer in you. The germ can be found in anybody. After having through the surgeries, the recurring tendency of the sickness might be the indication of cancer. With cannabis one can remove the tendency.

  2. It treats glaucoma-Glaucoma is the condition where the light reflects on the eyes, and you can meet with an accident if the light changes its root. The eye pressure of the eyes is a very latent matter which is not visible from outside. The eyes are important part of life. With cannabis, one can slow down the eyes pressure, and the surgery for glaucoma is possible. The pain will be relived for the time being.

  3. It can heal broken bone-The cannabis is used to slow down the pain of the broken part. The chemicals in our body are important to heal up any wound. The cannabis helps the collagen mix well with the chemicals in our body.

  4. Treating autism is possible with cannabis-Autism is a disorder of spectrum of the body. One cannot mix well with people around him. His speeches are abrupt may be. The thinking of the autistic child is different from ours. The contacts of the body are different from common people. The cannabis can be used in minimal quantity to heal the pain, the instability and excessive mood swing by some parents. Medical is examining deeply till date.

  5. It slows down Alzheimer-The Alzheimer, or the absentmindedness can be treated with cannabis. The person loaded with alziemer might start forgetting things. With cannabis, the memory will remain stable.

  6. It can reduce muscle spasms-To the aged one or to the person who practices exercise is known problem that is muscle spasms. The stretchable exercises can cause a lot of problem to the body. Here the cannabis will help the person in minimising the pain and relaxing the body, as the blood sugar level or the blood flow will be eased with cannabis.

  7. It can help in speech problem– The speech problem will be healed with proper practice and smaller intake of cannabis for a long period. It will enhance the confidence level, and later one will be able to talk to common people without any inhibition.

  8. It treats OCD-Obsessive compulsive disorder is not everyday action. One can have OCD, and with time and little cannabis, the practice of OCD will go forever.

Cannabis is not magic plant. But one can use it intelligently throughout to get the magical proportion of doing well to a human being.