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Marijuana has plenty of benefits and can be used for treating many fatal medical conditions. Though there is always a debate going between the good and bad effects of marijuana but the miraculous benefit of marijuana can outweigh the risks of taking it. As many people find it difficult to smoke it raw, hence they try to consume it in other ways. These ways are mentioned below.

Ways to consume marijuana

  • Tea: If you don’t want to face any side effects related to smoking of marijuana than you can easily consume it with tea. As you don’t want to get high so you can mix the leaves like that of tea leaves to the water and boil it. In these ways, you can consume all the benefits without facing any psychotic behavior.

  • Edibles: Marijuana enthusiastic has found many ways to consume marijuana like using it in edibles like cookies or cakes. Here the leaves are blend properly with the mixture and are much popular nowadays in parties. It is much safer than smoking it.

  • Topicals: It is a method of taking marijuana externally in the form of balms or creams to reduce inflammations or pains. Here the people can get benefitted by the marijuana through their skin instead of smoking it. They are popularly used for increasing skin elasticity, burn treatment or cancer treatment. It can also heal muscle sore and inflammation.

  • Juicing: It is a great way of consuming the raw effects of marijuana by blending it with other fruits and vegetables. Instead of smoking marijuana here you can get both the benefits of fruit and marijuana without harming the lungs.

  • Tincture: Here a solution is created by extracting the benefit of marijuana with alcohol. This liquid is consumed orally by putting some drops of them on the tongue. It shows the quick effect as it is easily absorbed by the arterial system. You can also mix it with other beverages. It does not create any psychotic effect and can be consumed easily.

These are some few ways to consume marijuana. There are much more ways to consume it without causing harm to the body. Medical marijuana has an extensive contribution in treating diseases hence you need to find the way to reduce any kind of potential damage to the body due to smoking of marijuana. So do a proper study of the marijuana strains before consuming it.