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The most usual way of making use of weed is to hand-roll like cigarettes, which is commonly known as joints, and smokes it. However people also smoke marijuana in a bong or pipe. People also smoke cannabis in a blunt, which is basically a cigar that has been hollowed out for replacing the tobacco with cannabis or a blend of cannabis and tobacco. A few people smoke it in bubblers, which are small-bongs. And yeah, one of the ancient ways of smoking cannabis – plus tobacco, hash, and other compounds – is with hookah. But, the users of cannabis are famous for their ingenuity and creativity, particularly when they run beyond rolling papers. They can create pipes and bongs from corn cobs, cans and soda bottles.


An all new technique of taking weed is through vaporization. Vapors heat the cannabis to a certain amount nearly below the level of burning when the active-ingredients can be smoked as a vapor, instead of more dangerous smoke. People prefer using vapors for a number of reasons:

  • It eliminates the negative effects of inhaling weed.

  • A few state that they can have an improved high after vaping.

  • Vapors create less smell of weed as compared to smoking.

  • Vapors are generally easy to cover and small.

Gravity Bongs

People can also inhale weed with the use of common domestic item which is called as bongs, and the same is also known as waterfall bongs or bucket bongs sometimes. They can be formulated from 2 ltr. Soda bottles, buckets, milk jugs, and plastic bottles. The domestic gravity bongs make use of gravity for pulling the smoke into the hollow with wine, beer, or just water.


This technique of employing weed is rather similar to vaping, however it makes use of hash oil, which is taken from the plant of cannabis and compressed into a wax form. A bong or glass pipe is heated up with a blowtorch. After putting the hash oil within the pipe it immediately creates vapor. Dabbing is said to be create a more high as compared to marijuana smoking.

Marijuana Tinctures

They are fluids taken from the plants of marijuana plus they are infused with a liquid of water or alcohol. User puts some drops into the liquid under the tongue and then it is rapidly absorbed into the human blood stream. Since this form of weed is fast-acting, highly potent, and highly concentrated, it is basically employed for therapeutic purposes.