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From many centuries back, marijuana is famous for treating many diseases which are fatal or hard to cure. People have a misconception that cannabis will only have a negative impact on human body. In this article, there are some excellent benefits of marijuana which are explained that you have never heard before.

Benefits of marijuana

Prevents cancer

Marijuana has the capability of stopping the growth of cancer cells by opposing the cancer gene termed as Id-1. It has been used as an experiment for treating breast cancer. According to research, marijuana can stop the growth of tumors in breast, lungs, and brain.

Treats Alzheimer’s

The compound termed as THC is very much useful for treating this Alzheimer disease whose condition worsens with increasing time. The THC present in marijuana helps to block the particular enzyme which is responsible for the amyloid plaques formation. This plaque has the ability to destroy the cells in the brain which results in this disease.


Glaucoma is a disease where the pressure in eyeballs increases that damages optic nerve that leads to lack of proper vision. Marijuana can help to reduce this pressure. Whenever someone smokes marijuana, the intraocular pressure is reduced, both in people with or without glaucoma.


As marijuana is great in reducing severe pain or inflammation and is used for treating sleep disorders hence, it is used as an effectual medicine for arthritis. In some hospitals, sativex is provided to people with arthritis, and improved condition was noticed.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Marijuana is said to be quite effective in treating this autoimmune disorder. This disease occurs when the body of a person attacks itself without any particular reason. The compound present in marijuana is said to control the immune system and calm it down.

Protects from stroke

Marijuana is used for treating brain damage. Surprising, right? Yes, when a person who has recently suffered from any stroke can take marijuana to reduce the area that was affected due to a stroke which further decreases the chances of getting stroke again.

Bowel disease

According to research, marijuana treats bowel diseases. The compounds present in marijuana which is the THC and Cannabidiol are said to have the ability to react properly with the body and help the immune system and gut function. They increase the intestine’s permeability for allowing bacteria.

So, before opting for this miraculous plant, you must do a little research on effect of this plant is also dependent on the body of a person.