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A disease that results from the progressive damage of the optic nerve is known as glaucoma. Information on whatever we see is carried by the optic nerve to the brain. When these cells are damaged, it can lead to their death which is responsible for vision impairment. When a person is diagnosed with glaucoma, it means that the damage to the eye has already started. Initial symptoms may include the loss of the vision and it can also lead to blindness. The medical effects that marijuana have changed the course in the last few years. The derivatives of marijuana are capable of treating a number of illnesses which include epilepsy, cancer, and even glaucoma.

Marijuana and Glaucoma

Marijuana has been effective in treating glaucoma for a really long time. According to certain scientific researchers, a person who smokes marijuana showed a reduced intraocular pressure.

  • When marijuana derivatives are consumed or are smoked in controlled doses, the chemical properties present within marijuana are capable of reducing the intraocular pressure, which is mainly responsible for glaucoma.

  • The intraocular pressure decreases by at least 25%, and this worked more effectively in comparison to the medications that were prescribed for glaucoma. In fact, in the case of certain people suffering from glaucoma, the medication did not work at all. Marijuana worked wonders for certain cases like these when taken in the forms of edibles and cigarettes.

  • The CB2 and the CBI receptors are located in the eye, and the cannabinoid receptors are directly involved with these in producing the aqueous humor.

  • Cannabinoids are capable of neuroprotection with the help of a number of pathways. This, in turn, helps in regulating the release of the neurotoxic compounds as well as the oxygen species that are reactive. These oxygen species is capable of protecting the optic nerve from the death of the neurons.

There are many types of research that are concerned with the effectiveness of marijuana in treating glaucoma. It is necessary to understand the significance that the recent advancements have had. Cannabis has a neuroprotective nature which is very important. Marijuana can decrease the intraocular pressure, and for some glaucoma patients, this is the only thing that works. Marijuana has been banned in a number of places, but with the discovery of the medical benefits that marijuana has, the government should reconsider their decisions. The common people are also becoming more interested in using marijuana, which definitely indicates a huge leap.